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System Schematics CAD Library Disclaimer (Must read Disclaimer before downloading CAD drawings)

  Warning: While product drawings are to scale, they are NOT to be used for construction purposes. If you require certified dimensional drawings, please contact your local representative.
  The drawings are designed to indicate the overall length, height and width of our products along with the positions of inlets and outlets. They are not exact representations. Components inside the product envelop will be out of scale to other components. For example, while the overall size of the pump is correct, the coupling guard is not drawn to exact scale.
  All dimensions are based on factory standard products with standard working pressures.
  Options, such as higher working pressures, will affect dimensions.
  Pumps are based on standard ODP motors.
  In additions to these drawings, please reference our product submittals and operation manuals located on the Xylem website for full details concerning product dimensions, flange/connection information and installation requirements.
  It is your responsibility to use correct piping practices, follow good engineering principles, and comply with related laws and codes.
  Xylem makes no warranties on these drawings. In no event shall Xylem be liable for any damages, including any lost profits, lost savings, lost opportunities, or other incidental or consequential damages arising out of the use or inability use these drawings.
  These drawings are copyrighted. You MAY freely download them for use in your own drawings and projects. You may NOT reproduce, distribute or market the original files.

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